Top Margin


In Fantasy the artist let's her subconscious and dreams guide her, not in order to escape reality, yet providing ways of perceiving it. Awakening her fantasies for everyone to comprehend personally is what she hopes to convey. Fantasies are just as real as reality yet "everyone's reality is different", she explains, "the importance is how it provokes and what is being realized when looking at the paintings".

Of soaring birdlike you may dream,
Or flowing freely like a stream,
Go on, take off, and touch the sky,
You surely do it if you try.

No reason why you, too, can’t fly,
And touch the stars, you’ll go so high.
Or, if you like, head up a harem.
For you, my friend, that is no problem.
There lies the great appeal of dreams:
In them no one gets hurt, it seems.

Illuminated Path

By painting mystical images of Orthodox Jewish men, Gelena expresses spiritual power and mysterious beauty, not a religious one. "In their state of prayer and connection to the divine I detect a hopeful and powerful presence. Mysterious is the position and clothing they pray in." In these paths Gelena portrays faith by seeing light with her heart; she illuminates their souls and intensifies their cry for hope.

Above the rooves of a forgotten shtetl;
This mournful music pierces to the heart (OR my heart).
A lively dance, then it to weeping settles, It sings of life, and love, and art.

It prays, then grieves, then laughs; with words unspoken
It seems to plead the cause оf right and truth,
The cause of those oppressed but yet unbroken,
Whose music filled the shtetl of my youth.


Top Margin

Gelena's muses, as mysterious as they may seem to the eye of the beholder, are in fact not an artistic mystery, yet gifts, ideas that she thinks of and draws inspiration from day to day. Mostly women depicted in Inspiration are those gift bearers – the ones that presented the artist with important and substantial things such as "beauty, beauty which is eternal", she states.

It skims your brow, this butterfly;
Its gauzy wings, it flashes.
The words and colors flutter by
And tangle in your lashes.

And in your soul you hear faint sounds-
A cosmic symphony.
You need but hear and write them down;
Catch them before they flee.


Lord Byron once wrote: "And, after all, what is a lie? 'Tis but the truth in a masquerade". Gelena explains that is the reason she chose clowns and harlequins as subject matter, as it portrays society itself. In Masquerade the masks have not yet dropped but her depiction of disguise and deception are distinctly portrayed

We all play parts of king and knight
Of prophet, hero, fool and sprite.
In each of us they coexist;
But how alone each of us is!!

Let all false emoting stop!
Douse each footlight, toss each prop!
Let’s leave the masks and wigs alone
And show true faces all our own.
OR: Let’s put the masks and wigs aside,
And show true faces we don’t hide.


In her Album, Gelena recollects people from her life whom she shares a deep connection with and are very dear to her. In a very personal manner the artist observes and exposes her memories of them along with their attributes indicating how she perceives them at that exact moment of time. Reflecting on her memory collection, Gelena adds "I felt very loving and nice painting people I have crossed paths with; some more emotional than others, a connection is always there and still exists through my portraits." Henry David Thoreau laid it perfectly when he said "Friendship is never established as an understood relation. It is a miracle which requires constant proofs. It is an exercise of the purest imagination and of the rarest faith."

My album’s slightly yellowed pages,
Show me the friends of my first youth.
They gaze at me through dust of ages.
We all have aged a bit, in truth

If I but had some magic makeup,
I’d give them all a fresh new look.
Perhaps a brand new life they’d take up.
Within the covers of my book.