Throughout her career, Gelena’s works have been featured in exhibitions in various countries. They continue to adorn galleries and public spaces in Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy, offering art connoisseurs the opportunity to acquaint themselves with her diverse and constantly evolving artistic concept. Each canvas is not just visual pleasure; it’s an invitation to explore uncharted emotional landscapes, thereby challenging conventional views and enriching the global artistic discourse.

The pinnacle of her artistic journey materialized in the scorching Israeli summer of 2013, with a solo exhibition at the Hayek Center for Contemporary Art. Nestled in the labyrinthine lanes of historic Jaffa, the gallery is a juxtaposition of cutting-edge design and age-old grandeur. It overlooks the Mediterranean, whose azure waters seem to mirror the vibrancy of Gelena’s works. The exhibition was a seminal event, where Gelena had the rare opportunity to present an extensive collection of her artistry. Over a hundred exquisite canvases filled the gallery’s multi-level space, creating an awe-inspiring visual narrative.

In 2015, her enigmatic «Masquerade» series found a home in Moscow’s prestigious Romanov Dvor business center. The collection dives deep into the universe of clowns, street artists, and circus performers, serving as an allegorical lens into the complexities of human existence. Each painting is a statement on the multiple roles we adorn, masking our true selves. This thematic depth has become a hallmark of Gelena’s art, reflecting her incessant quest to explore the multifaceted nature of human emotion and behavior.